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Various products of White Stick Candle, providing product images and basic parameters with each White Stick Candle and White Candle With Paper Box; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of White Stick Candle, and look forward to your cooperation!

White Candle with Shrink Paper


White Candle with Paper Box


White Candle With Plastic Bag


White Stick Candle

white candle are made of the high quality paraffin wax, it is also called taper candle, pillar candle, stick candle , we can make the white stick candle weight from 8g to 100g 

with different package,just like cellophane paper, plastic bag, color box,etc ,

the white tapered candle main used for home lighting ,prayer ,dinner party,etc ,so we also called it Household candles(home use candle), stick lighting candle, white home candle,

if you are interested in our white stick candle ,pls inquiry to us !